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The result is a photo in the database, the system means that the first CCN content, color and texture.

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Contribution. � A novel approach for the photo enhancement task based on learning a mapping function between photos from mobile devices and a DSLR camera. You can buy a Pixel phone if you want AI to enhance your photos every time you press the shutter button, and services like Google Photos use. Let Artificial Intelligence enhance your photos! #smartphoto #phancer � The research behind � Authors.
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That's perilously close to creating non-existent shots , but it could be helpful if your vacation was spoiled by lousy weather and you'd like something nice to show friends back home. You get a free item with your purchase. To measure its color quality, we train an adversarial CNN-discriminator that observes the improved and arbitrary high-quality images, and its objective is to predict which image is which.