Algo trading crypto

algo trading crypto

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Crypto algo trading platform. ? WunderTrading offers the best algorithmic trading solution to support automated cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, cryptocurrency algorithmic trading is the use of computer programs and systems to trade markets based on predefined strategies in an. Cryptocurrency trading algorithms are sophisticated computer programs that automatically execute buy and sell orders on digital assets.
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In my case, using Ubuntu Processing of live market data from any of the supported crypto exchanges Trading of cryptocurrencies based on automated trading rules such as technical indicators or statistical arbitrage Automated download of accounts, exchanges and currency pairs into the AlgoTrader platform Simultaneous trading of cryptocurrency pairs on multiple exchanges Trading of cryptocurrencies against fiat through FX brokers such as FXCM, LMAX and Currenex Simulation and paper trading of crypto trading strategies in live trading Support for exchange and margin trading Automatic withdrawals and deposits, i. Mean reversion strategies will take a look at historical distribution and then place the current movement in context of that. In our case, we don't have any and in general, it is not very important as it represents the ending state of the backtesting.