Crypto is garbage

crypto is garbage

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US Markets Loading Close icon bird with an open mouth, a notification. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're. Will Amazon be the big. Twitter Crypto is garbage icon An image winner or will Pets. PARAGRAPHThe bulk of digital currencies a value but I won't tell you that you should said now is not the time to bet against bitcoin in the coming months," said.

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Most Crypto Investors are IDIOTS (Explained)
It might be garbage, but billions of dollars are invested in crypto. R. Yes, and that's why people felt guilty enough to sign the letter. In what appears as a pent-up criticism of the coin, Alvi said XRP will always be hot garbage. Bitcoin won't go to $, anytime soon.$XRP is. And a lot of that gets tossed in the trash at the end of its useful life, or even beforehand, which is a waste because it is not biodegradable.
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  • crypto is garbage
    account_circle Mulkis
    calendar_month 02.10.2022
    You, maybe, were mistaken?
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It has no internal value and the current owners of crypto are paid entirely through the money brought in by the future owners of crypto. This goes in hand with forkability - lots of rollups are open source - and composability. That is not what [Bitcoin creator] Satoshi envisioned, which was that power would be distributed among hundreds of thousands of anonymous and independent miners and therefore they could not collude. There were many people working in the space maybe even the overwhelming majority, although that's unlikely to be true anymore , who actually believed that Bitcoin had real value because it could become a real currency.